Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winter Quail Station

California Quail thrive in Southern BC, despite being transplants. We do, however, make sure that there is sufficient feed available to enable them to get through the winter with relative ease. Sunflower oil seeds are the best, but we also provide mixed seeds with them.

Winter has come earlier, and it seems the main flock has moved onto our property for the season. They used to hunker in at a place down the street, only visiting us on their rounds, but the elderly couple who lived there have moved to a place better suited to their needs. 

There are over 60 birds in this flock: several mated pairs and their offspring from this summer. The are a bit flighty but comfortable around people. And they're so darned cute, who wouldn't go to the trouble and expense of keeping them around! There's always room for more when it comes to birds at our house.


  1. What's that white stuff in the video?

    Am I allowed to say that I roasted 6 last weekend? They were not wild ones.

  2. Ya, about that white stuff ....