Friday, November 24, 2017

Date Night Roller Derby

We've been together for 35 years but that doesn't mean we don't go dating anymore. Friends of ours have regular date nights, but we have a long-standing tradition of deciding on the way to an event whether or not this counts as a date. Automatic disqualification is any trip that involves grocery shopping, medical appointments or visiting relatives.

Last weekend we went old-school for a date and took in the season opener of the regional women's flat track roller derby league: 

This isn't roller derby like you might remember back in the day on TV. 
Best comparison is that the TV show is to roller derby as WrestleMania is to Olympic wrestling.

Here's a primer video:

And here's some of the action in Armstrong when the Farmers' Slaughters took on the Kootenay Derby AF:

What can I say? It was a hoot! Next bout is Dec 20 - be there or be square.

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  1. I think I prefer the cut and thrust of a 5 day Cricket Test Match.