Friday, October 6, 2017

It's been a busy day

I took the Spyder to Kamloops this morning, to have the service tech check the wheel balance and alignment. When I rode it yesterday, it developed a wheel shudder at 95 kmh which became ridiculous at 100 kmh. They got the problem mostly fixed with Liquid Tire Balance, but the truth is I need to get new tires on the front.

It was 7C when I left home. A few hours later, it was a 'balmy' 12C when I left Kamloops, quickly dropping to 9C when I reached the highest elevation point on the way home. I think the riding season is coming to an end for this year.

This is the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so winter is close upon us (shhh! don't talk to the people in southern Alberta about the nasty blizzard they just got hit with a few days ago - they're a little cranky about it).

Driveway at the Middle Brother's place on October 3. I know.

The Daughter and her little one were over this afternoon, supposedly to help prep pumpkin for pies. We should have known better - a little guy of almost 11 months old is a perpetual motion machine. Unless he's watching The Wiggles, in which case he's concentrating with all his might.

It's The Wiggles.

When the turkey was ready for the brine - and don't ask what kind of language was clouding the kitchen when not one but two brining bags broke - The Daughter was helpful, both in manhandling the bird and calming down her mother.

Ready for brining. Mmmm.

Bought some pie pumpkins, cut one up into chunks and roasted them in preparation for making pies tomorrow. I know it's a Canadian/American thing but I think the rest of the world should get on board. Pumpkin pie is to die for! Right, Claudia?

Ready to be pureed and mixed up with cream, eggs, sugar and spices for pies.

In the meantime, a sofa fort appeared in the front room, perfect for a young fellow to climb and play hide-and-seek with his mom.

Sofa fort engineers.

Where did she go?

It's always interesting to have little people in the house. So lucky.

Watch your step.

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