Saturday, October 28, 2017

Autumn and Giving Thanks

Halloween is just around the corner. I have some carving pumpkins outside on the veranda, yet to be carved. Today, perhaps.

True to form, Mother Nature has decided that autumn shall be the season of rain. And while we desperately needed the rain to replenish the depleted ground reserves, it's making a cool season into a distinctly chilly and unpleasant one.

The colours are up to top standard, however, so we'll give Her that. 

The Husband is home again after six weeks working up north. We went for a drive yesterday, exploring some back roads in Spallumcheen, up towards Sicamous. The sun was shining, making the maples, sycamore and other trees glow in their brilliant red, orange and gold foliage. Won't be long and the wind will scatter them in all directions.

Friends from Alberta were out for the Thanksgiving weekend earlier this month. I took them to a few wineries that Saturday afternoon, and we found the rainbow (above) on the Okanagan Reserve. Dramatic skies were been the order of the day.

Waffles are a breakfast specialty around here when there is company. Loaded with sliced fresh fruit, yogurt, maple syrup (real maple syrup - this is Canada, after all), even jam or peanut butter, it's a friendly way to start the day. That and a pot of strong black coffee.

Thanksgiving Day really is a holiday for family and friends. It's our annual reminder to give thanks for the bounty we've been given: love, shelter, food. I don't think we do that often enough. I know people who keep a daily Gratitude Journal. Despite the fact that I make my living as a writer, I am a terrible journal writer. I just can't stick to a daily diary or journal. I try to be mindful, however, of being grateful for the blessings I receive. A lifetime of harvests, sometimes after very difficult - even disastrous - growing seasons, keeps one aware.

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