Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Diner en Blanc Kelowna

Some call it pretentious or elitist. I just call it a lot of fun. 

And in the case of the 5th Annual Diner en Blanc Okanagan - hot.

Shannon's crew from the McCurdy Corner bus,
set up and ready for the napkin-wave to start the diner.
Diner en Blanc seems to have become the event that people love to hate.

You know what? You don't have to go. No one is forcing you to take part. So if you don't like the theme, the idea, the 'rules' (oh, the whining about the rules), then don't register.

Those who do attend, for the most part, are those who love a theme event, and have a great time.

Post meal visiting, as the dancing is about to start.
Yes, you bring your own picnic (but boy, is that open to interpretation!) and table and chairs. 

I've seen more hoopla over a trip to the beach with cranky relatives.

This was good-natured, everyone (mostly) knowing what was expected, and the venue was pretty nice: Quail's Gate Winery, in the vineyard overlooking Okanagan Lake.

I was a little worried earlier in the afternoon. While driving through Lake Country on my way to Kelowna, the little thermometer in my car registered 41C. A bit hot. 

When we arrived at the vineyard, people were melting in the heat. I thought there might be some heat exhaustion emergencies, but then oh then blessed relief came from a light cloud cover.

There were entertainers, a photo booth, free gelato, and music.

Many people came with groups of friends, but it doesn't take long to make new friends at an event such as this.

Some of the outfits were stunning, and the white dress code was no constraint to imagination and style.

The accessories were wonderful, and everyone was lovely in their own unique way.

There were a few faux pas, such as forgetting one's table ... 

... and some great innovations such as made-on-the-spot creme brule.

The table centerpieces that people brought were amazing (did I mention that everything is brought and taken back by the participants? Nothing but the DJ and wine service is onsite.).

Some people had an interesting style!

Would I do it again?


Of course.

Why not?

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