Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Travellers and Stellar Advertising

Summer has finally decided to visit us and the heat is much welcomed. Those getting hay crops off the fields and those growing silage corn will be especially pleased. (You can take the kid off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the kid!)

And of course, summer brings visitors to the Southern Interior. It's been quite busy for us lately, with guests from Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Illinois, Thailand, England and China. July will be just as busy, so I've blocked off the calendar for the first week of August, just to have a breather.

We did have a special visitor last week. Friend Steve is on his way home to the north country, after 17 months on the road and over 75,000 km travelled. He's gone all the way to Ushuaia, the furthest south you can drive to in the world, at the tip of South America, and criss-crossed South and Central America, Mexico, some of the islands and the USA.

Almost home - first stop back in Canada.
The riding jacket and pants were black 17 months ago,
now a bit weathered and faded!

It was nice spending time, hearing about his travels and experiences.  As he has been a faithful correspondent with friends and family throughout his journey, I found it more interesting talking to him about what impact the trip has had on him emotionally and spiritually. He summed it up when he said, "I am now comfortable in my own skin, for perhaps the first time in my life."  And the humorous observation that was both literal and metaphorical: "I've been lost for a year and a half!"

And off again.

All the rain of the past few months has made the area lush with growth. Now, of course, I'm constantly watering the yard to keep it from burning up, but it's still looking pretty nice.

Jing and her husband are from China, visiting their daughter who is studying in Vancouver. They really enjoyed being outside in the front yard, basking in the morning sunshine, so I told them to take their breakfast out there ... and they did. Apparently they live in some enormous city in China (they're back tonight, returning from a few days in Banff) so I'll find out exactly where on the wall map) so being out in the fresh air of our mountains is quite a change.

I've included this for no other reason than I saw it while flipping through news sites this morning. With a long former career in advertising, I'm drawn to good ads, and this one is stellar on many fronts. If you're attuned to the current political scene in the USA, you'll get it.

Currently reading "Whirlwind" by James Clavell and "The Red Queen" by Margaret Drabble.

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