Monday, May 15, 2017

Belligerent Spring

Saturated soils, above-normal rainfall and a higher-than-average snowpack set to melt - it all makes for some scary conditions in this part of world.

Rivers have broken their banks, the lakes are at 1-in-200-year flood levels, and let's not forget the many mudslides and landslides that are blocking highways and threatening property.

Young apple orchard in bloom. Enderby Cliffs in the far background.
Cro might remember a photo of this orchard that I
posted a few years ago, when it was newly-planted.

In the midst of all the nuisance and heartache, spring struggles along. Young calves frolic in the pastures that are high and dry. Grape hyacinth and periwinkle brighten my front yard. The orchards are in full bloom. And yes, the hummingbirds are back in full force.

Torrential rainstorms have been hard on the little hummers, so when it does abate, they swarm to the feeders in astounding numbers, all species working together to satisfy their voracious appetites. Even the aggressive Rufous males have to let up on their dive-bombing tactics, as the Anna's, Calliope, Broad-back and Black-chins all outnumber them.

Twilight with rainbows and hummingbirds. A lovely gift bestowed in dismal times.

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  1. Gosh that orchard is looking good; and what a location. Superb.