Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spelling Bee 2017 Edition - the Word Nerds

To bee or not to bee. A Word Nerd, that is.

I was a bee again this year, after missing last year due to previous commitments, and it was grand.

On the down side, we lost; on the up side, we only lost by 1/2 a second. Literally.

There are three rounds with five words in each round. The Word Nerds and our arch nemesis the Queen Bees came through the preliminaries with 100% accuracy. Indeed.

Katherine, our "Captain, my captain" (centre) watches the results tensely while
Jane and I (in the background) are a little bit calmer.

The playoff round included three words, and I can only remember the first one because both teams got it wrong: mnemonic. What sort of word, that means a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something  doesn't have its own mnemonic???!!! Only two of the eight at our table had a clue (I was one - ha) but got the first two letters backward.

Betty Selin (local morning radio host and Spelling Bee MC) and
Wendy Aasen (Junction Literacy head honcho).

That meant we had a word scramble tie-breaker: first person on either team to figure out the scrambled word was to jump up with the answer. I was 1/2 a second behind someone from the Queen Bees. *insert big groan*

"What were the words?" you ask. Fairly reasonable ones, sez I.

Warm up (no points):  poinsettia, Ucluelet (a community on Vancouver Island), braggadocious

Round 1: debilitate, borscht, vermilion, thesaurus, mahogany

Round 2: logarithm, prerogative, deferment, psoriasi, etymology

Round 3: disingenuous, intermittent, dinkum, asphyxiate, dilemma

Play off: mnemonic and two others I forget

Good thing it's a team sport!

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  1. I'm afiad I'd bee tottaly hopeles at a speling compatission. Yu hav mi admeerashon.