Thursday, April 6, 2017

Do I Love Him? The Proof

The Husband is in the throes of a head cold. Far be it from me to point out that it's been perhaps a bit cold to be out on the motorcycles (yes, plural). I gauge rideability by the time it takes my finger and toes to freeze, not by the date on the calendar.

But do I still love him - stubborn attitude, head cold and all?

I give you Exhibit A:

That is me, doing accounting. Or rather, me taking a photo of work in progress while I take a break.

Yes, that is a half-full glass of wine. Don't judge. It's accounting, not rocket surgery.

Let me give you Exhibit B, the fuller view version:

Yes, that is our dining room and dining room table (with four leaves removed). Since I've been working from home, there have been tense negotiations over who has custody of the desk with the other computer.

I lost.

We are talking about a re-drawing of the lines of scrimmage. I think the TV and DVDs (because we don't actually watch TV but we do watch DVDs) may be moved downstairs so I can set up my office in the small den off the front entryway. That was my initial plan when we moved here but I was unable to get our large vintage teacher's desk through the doorway.

There may be a way. 

And thanks to Friend Karen, we have a smaller teacher's desk that currently resides in the sewing room, which The Husband can use for his computer.

That fact that he's willing to undertake this not-small upheaval, and that I'm still willing to do his company account books for over 30 years says a lot. If you knew just how much I loath accounting, then you'd really know how much that says.

The fact that I'm also the community association treasurer may indicate that I've also lost a few brain cells over the years.

C'est la vie.

Besides, it's raining. Again.

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