Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big Lakes Country

When I first moved to the North Country back in 1980, it was to Grande Prairie. The place was in the throes of boom-town live, rapidly transforming from a sleeping northern town to a hectic small city. Oil and gas development was at an all-time high and there was zero vacancy for rental properties.

I had taken a job up there and told my family I'd stay for two years and then return south.

It was 28 years later when The Husband and I finally said goodbye to the Peace country, and moved not to the southern prairies but the Southern Interior of BC.

We loved it up there, and still carry it in our hearts. It's just not the place for us anymore, although The Son and his family still live there, as do many dear friends. And The Husband goes up in spring and fall to work for a few weeks for long-time customers. So we do visit regularly.

One of the children of close friends works for Big Lakes County, whose administrative offices are in High Prairie. She posted this video on her Facebook page today, and I thought I'd like to share it. It's a promotional video, obviously, but it does showcase the area where I spent a lot of time for many years.

If the video doesn't work (I'm not sure of the technology here - let me know) I've added the link to Vimeo just below it.

PS - just checked it out and it works but it's low resolution (limits to how much I can upload on this site apparently) so please also go to the link for the high-resolution video. It's quite nice.

Big Lakes video link here

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