Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gumpiness Cured and Wildlife Encounters

So I found a cure for the grumpiness expressed in my last post. We went to visit GG in Revelstoke and were reminded that winter is still going strong in some places. At least it makes the skiers and sledders happy.

The Daughter - and yes, that's a house hidden behind the snow pile.

Looking east down GG's street, houses hidden.

And looking south on GG's street. Lots of snow.

GG's back yard - that's  a 5 ft. fence. Typical winter.

And this is the reason we made the trip, so GG could meet the newest member of her tribe:

87 years between these two.

Meanwhile, the snow has rapidly given away to rain, and creatures that have been holed up are on the move.

Early this morning, Lushe (the Husky next door) was making a terrible racket. We thought the mule deer had come creeping in and set him off, but oh no. This was his nemesis:

It was overcast and so the colours are dark.
Yes. Raccoons. And he treed this one. Does that make him a Coon hound?!

"Come on down here so I can play!"

"Dad, he won't come down."
"Nope. He's up there for good."

Updates to be posted as warranted. Note the lack of snow - yes! *insert high-fives and happy dance*

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