Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Bean Feed - an 81 Year Tradition

European occupation in parts of Canada is very recent when compared to other 
places in the world - like Europe. I read once that North Americans think 
100 years is a long time and Europeans think 100 miles is a long distance.

Very true.

Having said that, we still have traditions that we can be proud of.
 In our small town it is the annual Bean Feed.

The Bean Feed started 81 years ago to celebrate the opening of the 
Community Hall in March 1936. It is the building we still use today, 
although there have been some modifications
and improvements made to it over the years.

Some of work crew: Amanda, a reluctant-to-be-photographed Gail, and Tammy.
It was called the Bean Feed because it was the middle of the depression and
 times were lean.The community association provided the meat and beans 
while each family brought a dish - a vegetable or dessert.

We still do it that way. There is no cost to attend. 
How many community events do you know that like anymore?

Brian getting ready to carve meat, Valdine and Larry - hard workers in the community.

There is never any shortage of food, even if you don't bring your dish! 
The variety is amazing, something for everyone.

Time to serve
Volunteering is at the heart and soul of every small community. 
With no local municipal government (we are part of a 'regional district') 
things only get done when community members get doing.

Serving up.
 Looking to the back of  hall, the kitchen (yellow light) to the left and the bar
 to the right, the balcony (not used any more) and meeting room
behind the windows; the main entry in the middle going out to the main street.

This is a family event, and don't think the kids make it noisy because 
the sound of the conversation while everyone visits is a veritable roar!

Everyone pitches in to help. When people are done eating, they come into
 the kitchen to help with the dishes. More hands = less burden on a few, 
with the bonus of a quieter opportunity for conversations.

And of course there is dessert.

It is a nice opportunity for friends to gather after a long winter...

and children learn to be social creatures in the greater community. Look - no electronic devices!!!

The community has Coffee House music events the last Saturday of each month 
from September to April. The march Coffee House is held in conjunction 
with the Bean Feed, a win-win for everyone.

Jamie, one of the technical guys for the Coffee House, and his lovely wife Kelli.
As owners of the Falkland Store, they also donated all the meat for the supper.
That's what you call community support!

Musicians come from surrounding communities to perform three selections each.
 It's always interesting to see who shows up and what they perform. 
There is now a well-established Coffee House circuit established in the region, 
a great venue for amateur musicians.

View of the stage from the balcony.

The lighting adds a nice atmosphere, I think.

Waiting to perform.
Another successful community supper followed by good entertainment. 
Small town life at its best.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gumpiness Cured and Wildlife Encounters

So I found a cure for the grumpiness expressed in my last post. We went to visit GG in Revelstoke and were reminded that winter is still going strong in some places. At least it makes the skiers and sledders happy.

The Daughter - and yes, that's a house hidden behind the snow pile.

Looking east down GG's street, houses hidden.

And looking south on GG's street. Lots of snow.

GG's back yard - that's  a 5 ft. fence. Typical winter.

And this is the reason we made the trip, so GG could meet the newest member of her tribe:

87 years between these two.

Meanwhile, the snow has rapidly given away to rain, and creatures that have been holed up are on the move.

Early this morning, Lushe (the Husky next door) was making a terrible racket. We thought the mule deer had come creeping in and set him off, but oh no. This was his nemesis:

It was overcast and so the colours are dark.
Yes. Raccoons. And he treed this one. Does that make him a Coon hound?!

"Come on down here so I can play!"

"Dad, he won't come down."
"Nope. He's up there for good."

Updates to be posted as warranted. Note the lack of snow - yes! *insert high-fives and happy dance*

Sunday, March 5, 2017

OK, Now I'm REALLY Grumpy

It is now March. That means I should be outside raking up the winter debris in the yard and having a lovely bonfire. But oh no, this is what is happening right now as I type:

That, people, is more bloody snow, falling thick and fast. And I think the collective minds of everyone in southern BC is about to explode.

Global warming forsooth.

Cro, stop posting pics of your glorious spring or I'll come camp in your backyard! (Kidding - I'd be hard-pressed to find it.)