Saturday, December 17, 2016

'Tis the Season

The snow is gently falling outside, a sign that the temperatures are (thank goodness) gradually rising. The Polar Vortex has hit us particularly hard this year, and early in the season. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older that I find the cold makes me cranky - things hurt in the cold.

I've been doing a lot of crocheting during the past month, as the Daughter found a pattern she liked and ask "Could you please make me a pair?"

Aren't these cool? I've made almost a dozen pair now, of varying sizes and yarns. Got two pair made during a there-and-back trip to the North Country over a weekend. I even made a pair for me.

I'm back to quilting for the foreseeable future, which is toasty warm and cozy, working on my lap.

Today The Husband and I decided to get into a festive mood, to help dispel the winter blahs.

And so we went for a little drive up one of the mountains close by, spotting and evaluating our choices until finding just the right tree. It's thawing out now, before receiving its adornment. The house is already filling up with the sensuous scent of fir.

There aren't small children in the house to push the excitement meter to the top of the line. We don't get into a gift-buying frenzy. Focus is more on the three Fs: friend, family and food.

I'll get some Christmas baking done in the few days - try not to do it too soon because if it's in the house, I eat it! Most of this year's production is heading out the door, to The Daughter's place and other deserving homes.

We received an early Christmas gift this year:

This young man made his debut into the world in the middle of November, a wee bundle of happiness. Everyone is doing well. We were fortunate to have them staying with us for a few weeks before they moved into their own place just a 5 minute walk from us.

Looking forward to the chaos when the older grandkids are here next summer, meeting their new cousin!

Gypsy meeting her new human, and she's in love with him!

However you celebrate the solstice season, be it the summer or winter one, I hope you enjoy health and happiness in the company of those you love, and blessing for the new year.


  1. It all sounds rather familiar. We are expecting another grandchild in March, the tree comes in today, and Gypsy looks very much like our Bok. Lady Magnon's baking is all done (except for the constant supply of mince pies), and present buying is limited to the minimum. Ain't life grand!

  2. Grand indeed! No mince pies but many dozen cookies and a visit from wee Kael and his mom.