Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Such a Busy Summer

It has been a full, wonderful, bulging-with-fun summer. Yes, I know it isn't over yet, but autumn will soon be knocking at the door, and I'm not quite ready for it yet.

Rather than a long exposé about our goings-on, let me show you a few highlights. Pictures, as they say, tell more than words.

We've spent a lot of time out here - the perfect summer evening spot.

Had a good harvest of lavender earlier in the season - three large tote boxes worth.
Now these bundles are scenting the house and linen closet.
The garden was lush with all the July rain, but August has been hot and dry.

We've gone on day rides with the motorcycles, stopping for picnics along the way.
This is at Kopje Park in Lake Country.

Attended a vintage and collector car show in Vernon - over 400 vehicles.

The Husband taking The Lovely Pam on her first motorcycle ride.
Brother Scott looks on - "not her usual ride!"
They spent a few days with us at the end of July.

It's August and the grandkids and their parents have arrived!
The veranda transforms into a beach towel and blanket drying zone.

The kids and grands - alcohol may or may not have been involved in the
crooked angle of this photo.

The Daughter and her partner, with a new grandbaby "on board" as they say.

Miss Abby, contemplating the day.

Mr. Zach enjoying breakfast with Grandpa on the deck.

Miss A getting her first motorcycle ride with Grandpa, on Grandma's bike.

Mr. Zach having a cuddle with Mom.

Cousins ... say "aaah!"

Miss A's inuksuk, built with help from her dad but painted all on her own.

After a few weeks of company, The Husband and I ran away from home and
took a ride along Highway 20 to Anahim Lake. Spent one evening at a lodge
overlooking Nimpo Lake, listening to the loons.

Lodge at Nimpo Lake.

Stopping for a stretch and to enjoy a viewpoint along Highway 24, the
Interlakes Highway between 100 Mile House and Little Fort.

Lac des Roches, looking southeast.

From the big empty country of the Chilcotin and Cariboo regions, a week later
we found ourselves in the Vancouver area. You could not imagine a bigger contrast in environments.
Riding one of the water taxis on False Creek with Sister PK and her partner Garry.

Enjoying frosty malt beverages on Granville Island.

The beach below the Marine Museum on Burrard Inlet.

Vancouver skyline looking at Sunset Beach Park.

Family and friends. Wild open range country and bustling metropolis. The beach, the mountains, breakfasts at golf courses and wine on the veranda.

Much contrast. Much love and fun. Much to be thankful for.

I hope you've had a grand summer as well. And we'd love to have you join us next summer!


  1. It all looks splendid; is your bike a 3 wheeler? Busy here too, our last lot of summer visitors left yesterday.

  2. Yes it is a trike. Front wheels, not back. I have sciatica in one hip and can't do sport bikes anymore.