Sunday, June 5, 2016

Garden Explosion and Other Things

Oh, my duckies, it's been a busy, busy time.

Since last I wrote, we've being through days of rain that have left the region lush and green.

Spallumcheen Valley, north of Armstrong.

We survived the wettest Falkland Stampede in 14 years, and have a few lingering bruises to show for it.

Saturday, before the deluge, taken from my perch in the Cashier's office.

Sunday, the day the rain never ended. The misty look is actually a steady downpour...

... which led to Falkland Lake a.k.a. the rodeo arena;
this photo taken right before barrel racing followed by bull riding. 
Nothing says 'fun' like steer wrestling in the mud ...

... other than a kid in the calf scramble who's managed to find his shoe.

Today I had an early start to the day, kissing The Husband goodbye at 6 a.m. before watching him ride down the driveway on the Triumph for a rendezvous with friends in Calgary. Much as I love mornings and sunrises, I'm inherently a night owl, so watching the sunrise this close to summer solstice, and not from the end of an all-nighter, is rare indeed.

I did have opportunity to wander though my yard in the cool and quiet early dawn.

I'm training my baby ginkgo biloba tree to develop lateral branches rather than the vertical style they tend towards. Hence, the 'rock fruit'. Also noticed I'll have to adjust the bracing to deal with the curvature it developed from being in a nursery too long. That just takes time and patience.

The roses have exploded into bloom with the recent heat after 10 days of rain.

Remember the barren space of dirt and rock from nine years ago?

It's a little more lush these days.

And this is one of the many, many rewards for diligence and hard work.

I'm off to go do some watercolour painting in the outdoors. Hope you're enjoying you day as well!

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  1. Ha ha; I have those exact same lilies as in your final photo, and they're in flower here too.