Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Temper Tantrums

Mother Nature is a the fickle cow she always is this time of year. The early morning promise of sunshine and warmth can be reneged upon in the blink of an eye. Snow rapidly follows bright blue skies and taunts "Not yet. Not just yet."

The Husband and I spent last week in Southern Alberta, attending to some small business and then visiting family and friends. It's always both delightful and a wee bit melancholic. Returning to a home town and community that is changed all out of recognition for me is difficult, and much as I've tried to let it go, it's hard, even after all these years.

The true joy was knowing I had all the time in the world to spend with those lovely people, should I choose to. That, my friends, is real freedom.

But back to Mother Nature. We drove through three snow squalls on route through the mountain passes. The Husband had thought to ride his motorcycle this trip, and I cocked an eyebrow at him.''

"Really? In March, in the mountains and in Alberta?"

Turned out the Weather Network had a sobering effect on him, which was just as well. The mini-snowstorm that fluttered down on us Thursday evening (whilst ensconced in a hot tub - now that is luxury!) added a little "So there!" to the thought.

The weather did improve over the Easter weekend, perfect for family time. And in the process of clearing up the skies, MN did satisfy my love of cloudscapes.

Prairie skies really are the most dramatic. Growing up in big sky country leaves a mark on one's soul.

I close with a lovely quote I read recently from a book called 'The Real McCoy' by Darin Strauss:

"He listened for a moment to the flapping of wings that was his worry leaving him."


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