Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Mind Pulled Away to Other Things

“I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”

                                                                 Kiersten White, 'The Chaos of Stars'

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winter clouds

Winter in the Southern Interior is quite different from winter on the prairies, or the North Country. And Oh, I am not complaining.

I was a birthday girl this week, and this was the sight that greeted me as I left the house to head to work the morning of my birthday.

Mother Nature likes me.

And just cuz it's my week (so claimed by me), am attaching this jewel, composed by a witty person somewhere in Australia and to which I replied, "Amen."

And on that note, I'm off to a medieval feast. Yes indeed.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some Things - Unfortunately - Don't Change

"The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

~ Cicero, 55 B.C.