Monday, January 4, 2016

The Puzzle and Other Diversions

It's 4 o'clock on a Monday afternoon and I'm drinking champagne.


Why not.

It's the last of my four day break. I spent the morning sewing quilt pieces. Then I denuded the ficus tree in the living room of its festive gear (doubling as our Christmas tree) and left it to its seasonal moult in peace. I've pulled a batch of cookies out of the oven. And it's snowing, again.

That's why I'm drinking champagne.

Sorry to have left y'all in the lurch over the holiday. By the time the last paper has been sent to the plate room on Christmas Eve, I'm pretty much done with the entire event. All I want to do is catch up on my sleep and try to find my sense of humour again.

I will give one little nod to the past four weeks: Bear Day in mid-December.

Bear Day 2015. Fifty bears waiting to be taken to their new homes.

Chief Bear Organizer

Sub-Chief of the Bear Brigade
It's a tradition for us to work on a jigsaw puzzle during the Days In Between. Generally the pieces are spread out on Boxing Day, but as we hosted a dinner party for a goodly number of friends, the puzzle had to wait until Sunday.

The Daughter picked it up at one of the local thrift stores earlier in December. I knew it would be challenging because it's a shaped puzzle - no straight borders or regular corners. But this?

This year's post-Christmas jigsaw puzzle. *deep sigh*
I've already referred to it as a bitch kitty in a recent email letter to friends, and the comment stands.

What normal, self-respecting puzzle has pieces like this?!!

or this?!!!
Progress has been slow. It may quietly disappear from our lives in a week or two.

We've been in valley cloud for days now - when it isn't snowing. The Husband and I felt the need for sunshine, prairie kids that we are. And as we like Sunday Driving (another prairie habit), yesterday beckoned to us, "Come out, come out."

This incredible deep cobalt blue cloudscape has graced the skies in recent days.
A colour so surreal that if I painted it, I'd be told doesn't exist in nature.
Of course it does.

Our destination this time was Sun Peaks Ski Resort, north of Kamloops. We're neither of us skiers, but it's where the sunshine was, and it's fun to sit and watch the skiers and boarders come down the slopes.

However, we saw a road meandering down a broad valley about halfway in to the ski hill, and as is our wont, we set off to explore it. Backroads are our favourite places.

The road we came in on.
The quiet so perfect, the air so still and clean. It's exactly like our our homestead in the North Country in that respect. These two photos, above and below, could have been taken anywhere on our property or for hundreds of km in any direction from where we lived.

And the end of the road for anything other than snowmobiles, skiers or moose.
What a perfect day. Looked for sunshine after days of valley cloud,
and we found it.

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  1. Several times over the past two weeks, Lady Magnon has suggested drinking Champagne at 4 in the afternoon; I've had to slap her wrist, and tell her to wait another two hours!!