Friday, August 21, 2015

Splash of Red 2015

I know … I'm way behind on this blog, and I have many valid reasons in the form of many wonderful friends and visitors these past 6 weeks. Pics of them to follow another day. Shortly.

In the meantime, because I was processing these photos for a Sunday newspaper article and have a bit of time on my hands on this late Friday afternoon, thought I'd take the opportunity to post them here. They are my photos, after all!

Splash of Red is the annual fundraiser for the Caetani Cultural Centre in Vernon. The current goal is to bring the 120 year old heritage home up to code so that they can eventually open it more to the public as well as increasing the number of artists' residences.

Salute to Sveva Caetani

Holly Smith welcoming the guests with music.

Doug Alcock is a fabulous blacksmith artist who has
donated a piece of his art to the sale every year.
Janet Gibbs and Dianna April to either side.

Appies in the art viewing area.

Some of the items donated to the sale.
Another favorite of mine - fused glass using recycle-repurposed items.
Floral people will note the two vase 'frogs'.

Viewing art on display.

Schmoozing with Mohamed and Ginevra

Melissa, Melissa and Maureen - beautiful ladies having a great time.

Ashlea and Lynsey in front of Heidi Thompson's painting that I lusted over.

Maria Besso measuring Bryan for a strip of raffle tickets.
Judy Rose presenting the Toast to Sveva Caetani
An Italian-themed meal served family style.
Paul Bielby was the fabulour auctioneer who
moved the sale along at a brisk pace.

Paul's lovely wife Renee did a great job catching bids.

Randy and Anne Maria watching the auction action.
Don't you wish you'd been here with us?

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  1. What a glamorous crowd you are. Hope you raised lots of cash!