Sunday, June 7, 2015

What the Heck Happened to May?

May flew by at the speed of sound.


And What a ride.

The Husband arrived back in the Southern Interior after his annual spring work interlude up north, just in time to accompany me to Cirque in Penticton.

It was a fabulous production. We were up six rows from the floor, just off to the left corner. Prime viewing! It was Wednesday evening, which meant a late arrival back home and a sleepy Thursday at work, but so worth it.

Quick on its heels was the 97th annual Falkland Stampede which, if you allow it, completely consumes the May long weekend in this wee burgh.

Some of the rough stock in their overnight pasture between the rodeo grounds and the river.

The Volunteer's kick-off supper was Friday night.

Saturday afternoon, The Husband and I went on a helicopter tour of the valley, one of the Stampede activities. I love helicopters!!!!

Take off! Looking west with Falkland on the right side,
the base of Tuktakumen Mtn on the left.

Looking north up the Chase-Falkland Road.

Looking further west toward Westwold,
the Salmon River meandering through the valley.

Saturday night I worked the rodeo dance 8pm-2am. Always a lot of fun and a great band.

Rough stock in the holding pens, ready for action.

Sunday we had guests for brunch before watching the stampede parade. They went on to watch the afternoon events while we took the bikes for a ride to Sicamous via Salmon Arm - a 190 km round trip.

And then the Sunday night dance, which I left early because they had plenty of help.

Monday morning (Victoria Day - bank holiday here) we went to the grounds early to watch the heavy horse pull competition. 

This team of Belgiums pulled 9500 lbs, the greatest load in the contest,
but placed 2nd because the teams are weight-handicapped.

We watched the afternoon rodeo with friends, and then I did my final volunteer stint, the beer gardens from 4-8 pm. It's my favourite shift, with locals and those who've worked all weekend kicking back and relaxing.

It rained overnight but the rain held off during the day.

Kelly, chief of our security detail and a totally awesome person ...
but don't let the smile fool you. You do not mess with Kelly.

I can home from work one day to find a family party on the go. What a nice surprise!

"Hi, Auntie! Just waiting for you so we can roast hot dogs!"

New best buddies.

I love when baby spiders hatch. This group was right beside our front door.

Tightly bunched newly hatched spiders (I think the photo is sideways).

Up close.

A breeze hits them, and the bunch 'explodes' as they fall on silk skeins

Speaking of spiders, here's the Spyder out on a ride to the Shuswap North Shore (like the segue?)

We recently said Good-bye to co-worker Janice, who is now at our sister paper in Kelowna. It was bittersweet.

Janice and Debbie.

Kristen and Roger - sorry for the poor quality but they would not move from the window.

Katherin, Lynnaya, Ian and Sue.

And this has been my favorite activity this month and for months to come ... communing around the fire with friends, family and the wonderful outdoors.

We have a seat waiting for you by the fire.

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  1. I bet those heavy-horses don't know there's a weight handicap! Please tell Lynnaya that I like her T Shirt. I really must construct an outdoor fire-pit; although at this time of year we try to keep OUT of the heat. Nice weekend; lucky you.