Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Hiccup and THE BEE

If you look at the blog entry just previous to this, you'll see lovely spring landscapes.

I had plans to ride this to work last Saturday morning:

and this is what I woke up to:

and this:

and this:

so you can safely assume I was somewhat miffed.

The snow was gone by mid-day. In fact, there was no snow at the bottom of our road when I drove to work. We were just at the snow line.


While I'm showing you things, the neighbour with the five (count 'em, five) dogs have come to the conclusion that we will not refrain from using our property so that their dogs can enjoy theirs in peace - I know, the nerve - so they are installing a privacy fence. They haven't twigged on to the fact that we've not been able to enjoy our yard without frequent frenzied barking from a small herd of spoiled, indulged dogs.

Hence, we're not all that upset about the fence.

NOW, the 8th Annual Adult Spelling Bee …

After a nice continental breakfast and shortly before 8 am, we were called upon to spell (as a team) the following words:

Round 1

  1. erudite
  2. idyllic
  3. risotto
  4. pseudonym
  5. hemidemisemiquaver
Easy-peasy. As a musician, I even know what the 5th one is.

hemidemisemiquaver notes, also known as 1/64th notes,
the shortest (quickest) in musical notation.

Round 2
  1. aficionado
  2. infinitesimal
  3. diaspora
  4. Armageddon
  5. pterodactyl

"YES! Pterodactyl!!" Katherine, Captain Our Captain

This is the round where teamwork really comes into play. We wrangled a bit with the first one, lost a point for inserting a second 's' in the second, lost another point for failing to capitalize the fourth, and thankfully reached consensus on the 'o' for the fifth word. That meant we were 8 out of 10.

And then:

Round 3 - wherein I shone as I was the only one who knew not only how to spell 2 and 5, but also what they are.
  1. pharmeceutical
  2. schottische
  3. zabaglione
  4. bourgeoisie 
  5. kinnikinnick

"Schottische" - I was a little nervous about it, worked
through six versions before I got it right.

This was the closest I could come to finding a video of the schottiche as I remember it, although the couples didn't turn back at the beginning when on the dance floor - they alternated side to side. It was a western version of the Highland schottische, brought to the New World by the Hudson's Bay factors.

Oh, oh! And remember this - the Heel-Toe Polka! I loved it when I was a kid.

Waiting to see how we finished:
tied for second with the Queen Bees (retired teachers) sitting behind us,
losing yet again to the Okanagan College Eggheads who sat to the left of us …
the eternal, infernal triangle.
Unfortunately I forgot the 'c' at the end of kinnikinnick, and so we lost our chance to finally beat the Eggheads, finishing with 12 out of 15 correct answers.

And this is kinnikinnick, aka bearberry.

No matter. There were 23 tables in this year's competition (which is now larger than the Vancouver Literacy Spell Bee!) and over $28,000 was raised for local literacy programs. All in all, a great morning with thrills, laughs, entertainment and achievement.

So how did your Wednesday morning go?

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  1. The most important thing about ANY building work is that things should always be both plumb and level. I fear those non-level horizontal pieces on the new fence will drive you nuts; they would me! Nice Trike.