Saturday, May 9, 2015


Spent some time trout fishing with The Daughter last weekend.

The channel from Campbell Lake weir into Scuitto Lake

We dropped lines with worms into the water at the weir between Campbell and Scuitto. The spawning season is in full swing - trout were leaping in the water fall, trying to get upstream.

The Daughter getting her gear ready, atop the weir … barefoot.

I enjoy fishing but The Daughter is a fishing freak - she's always got her gear in her vehicle, ready at any moment to drop a line in some promising water. Bruno would be so proud!

Working the fast water while I've got my line in the eddy to the north side.

This is easy fishing - barbless hook with a worm, shore casting (or in this instance, toss into the fast water and let the bobber carry it along).

I lost one, not waiting long enough to let it play the line and tire out, and was unable to set the hook on a few more. But they were biting ...

The first of four trout we brought home.

 … four fishes plus the misses in under an hour. All female, all loaded with eggs.

From water to plate in under two hours. That's fresh.

What a lovely mother-daughter afternoon.