Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stirred by Music

CBC Radio, Canada's national broadcaster, does a wonderful job of promoting emerging and established Canadian musicians. Right now, the 6th annual 'Searchlight' contest is underway, and voting is intense. The list has been whittled down from an original 3,000 entries to I think 250 as Round 2 of the regional voting gets underway today.

One of the entries from British Columbia is a duo called Dandelion and their song 'Take Me There' - I've linked the music video here because I want to share the music and the incredible scenery of the Columbia River Valley that they set the song to.

The song speaks to me at many levels - as music often does - so I hope you enjoy this one and vote for them!

Might as well plug a few more Canadian musicians you may not have heard of. How about The Wailin' Jennys from Rosebud, AB (close to my home stompin' grounds).

And one more: Delhi 2 Dublin.  Celtic-Bangra fusion. I LOVE their stuff. They have an 'official' video of their song Turn Up The Stereo but the video here shows their stage stuff:

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  1. I like the sound of Celtic/Bangra. There was a short-lived musical movement called Bangramuffin that produced some interesting fusion sounds. I love Bangra and all its side-shoots.