Saturday, January 24, 2015

Florida Memories

We've been home a week. Back to snow and work and play and regular life.

I finally downloaded some photos from my phone (my phone! Who'd have thought that a decade or so ago?) 

The Husband, walking through sea breeze mist.

Classic old downtown Daytona. Note the heavy growth of air ferns on the palms.

The Gang of Ponce Inlet.
Brown pelicans enjoying a mid-day gossip, looking for opportunities to steal bait.
Also watched dolphins placing in the inlet just to the left of here.

Cruising on the St Johns River with an excellent pilot/wildlife guide named Rebecca.

Alligator. Just a little one, but still - a wild alligator.
Viewing tip - look for something that looks like tire tread.

A Manatee! One of my goals, to see wild manatees.
This one is in Blue Springs State Park,
waiting out the cold temperatures with a few hundred (yes, hundreds)
 other manatee plus tilapia and other warm-water fish.

Kennedy Space Centre. What's not to like about a place with BIG rockets?

The original Cape Canaveral command centre, relocated in the Saturn 5 rocket building.
So cool for children of the Space Race era.

A true OMG moment - an original, all-there Saturn 5 rocket. Words fail me.

and yes, THE Atlantis space shuttle, the one that flew so many missions into space.

Ponce Inlet lighthouse, tallest in Florida and ALL BRICK.
We did not climb to the top.

Lighthouse lamps, including the original Ponce lamp on the floor to the front right.
These two big ones are 16.5 ft high. I think this exhibit was a highlight for The Husband.

Final morning view from our balcony. What's not to like.
Next move, I'm finding a place by the ocean.

It was nice.


  1. I presume that when NASA build rockets, they also build several spares to place in theme parks; is that right? How fabulous to see that Manatee; I'd imagined they were quite rare. Looks like you had a great trip.

    1. The Saturn 5 was meant to fly, a back up in case things went wrong with another rocket (they had a habit of blowing up in the day), so it's a real flight-ready machine. And the Atlantis is the actual vessel that flew shuttle missions and has been retired. It was awe-inspiring.