Sunday, December 14, 2014

Community Supper and Bears

It's so quiet in the house this morning ... just me and my coffee pot. The laundry is all done. The floors can wait until tomorrow because I'm going to do some baking this afternoon, so there will be debris - that's just the way it works. The Husband is over at a buddy's house for a few hours.

Am crocheting a scarf, simple pattern, easy to pick up when I need a break.

The perfect set-up for writing letters and posting a few pics from the last week or so.

Our annual community Care-a-Thon aka the Insurance Supper was a few weeks ago. The Community Association and various local clubs get together to host a supper, silent auction and general get-together. The proceeds are then used to help the organizations offset the cost of their insurance premiums. Insurance rates for public use facilities like the community hall, district museum, curling rink, rodeo grounds and outdoor skating rink can be high, and it can be a burden on the membership. This event is a real boon to all of us.

Silent Auction in the Seniors Hall (an annex to the main hall).
Many items, all donated.

A wide variety of things to choose from, and the bidding can get quite competitive!

The old hall is very festive in its holiday gear. This is looking towards the back
- the kitchen to the left and bar on the right. Behind me is the stage
and to my left is the doorway to the Senior's Club.
The Hall was built in 1934.

Last weekend was busy - the company party was held on Saturday night at the Vernon Curling Club. 32 people on the ice, of which only 3 have active curling experience, a few more played in high school for phys. ed. class ... and all who had been (or still were) imbibing in 'seasonal cheer'. The miracle was that no one was injured and only a few tumbled onto their butts. The word 'amusing' comes to mind.

Our curling club's Turkey Bingo was on Sunday, and was the most successful one in recent years with over 110 people taking part. That will help our coffers tremendously.

AND yesterday was Bear Day at the newspaper, the 16th year we've had a sales promotion in which readers bring receipts from participating merchants of a stated amount to qualify for one of 50 Gund bears we give away, plus the chance for one person to win $500 in gift certificates from the merchants

The day starts with Lynnaya bringing us hot chocolate from Timmy's,
to which she adds a little somethin'-somethin'.
What a way to start the morning.

I'm the first person at the office because it's my regular work day.
I get to run the gauntlet of people who've been waiting outside the building since midnight.
These people take their bears seriously. Some have all 16 bears.

The bears all have numbered name tags, so they are set out in a line in numerical order.
Lisa is checking tags while Stephanie works on the line-up.
Do NOT give the bears out in the wrong order.
These people take their bears seriously. Seriously.

Checking the line-up.

Lynnaya double-checking the line-up.

And there they are - 50 bears.

Say, 'Aah!"

People are admitted three at a time (you do not want to know what a mob scene it was in years past).
Lynnaya, Trent and Lisa checked sales receipts and then handed out the bears with a smile.

Stephie kept the bears flowing to the front counter.
Ian was out front doing crowd control. Graeme interviewed winners and participant. Lisa the Other took photos. And me? I helped wherever - setting up, cleaning up.

And then everyone left and it was quiet, and Graeme and I went back to our regular Saturday.

How was your weekend?

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