Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ice Wine Harvest, Movie Stars and Little Paintings

The temperature plummeted in the last few days - from raining and motorcycling weather on the weekend to -15C on Thursday morning.


Driving to work that morning, I heard on CBC radio that the ice wine harvest had started in the valley at 3 am. The grapes need to be -8C or colder to be in correct state for ice wine production.

So when co-workers arrived at the office with the usual start-of-morning grumbling, I said it could be worse. We could have been one of those hardy souls out in the cold and dark, harvesting grapes.

It's all a matter of perspective.


The city is a-buzz with the news that the movie stars are in town. Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles and others whom I'm not familiar with are part of movie called Go With Me, being filmed here and in the Enderby area, for release next November.


I am a watercolour aficionado. I seek them out at flea markets and thrift stores. Not quite the stuff of Antiques Roadshow but still satisfying to my soul.

And sometimes there are little treasures.

Two years ago, I purchased three little unrelated watercolours for $10 total. They're all landscapes, and the smallest measures about 3 inches wide and 2 inches high. My friend Gail who is an artist and framer recently reframed several of my finds, and was quite excited when I went to pick them up last week.

She recognized the signature as that of W J Phillips, and an art specialist at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary conditionally agreed with her. She studied Phillips' works in Winnipeg when she was learning to paint 50 years ago, so was excited by my find.

The Glenbow has a major collection of Phillips because founder Eric Harvey was a fan of his work. The art specialist who looked at the photos of my picture informed me that man who is an authority of Phillips' work lives in Summerland … just a hop and a skip away from our place. We've been in touch and plan to meet so he can look at the piece (Gail and I aren't sure if it's a miniature or a prelim sketch for a larger piece).


It's been a fun week!


  1. Back in the mid-60's I managed an Art Gallery in London that specialised in early watercolours. My late father was a collector, and I have inherited his passion. They are wonderful things to collect, and are often overlooked.