Friday, October 24, 2014

Directions Workshop

Did you ever get one of these when you were in grade school? Was a topic of conversation during a lull at work today, so I found an example.


Directions Worksheet

Materials: You may need: a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a box of crayons. 


1. Read all directions before beginning.
2. Take out one sheet of lined paper.
3. Place it on your desk so that the holes are on the left side and the margin is at the top.
4. Skipping lines, number your paper 1-7
5. On the first line, write your name.
6. On the second line, write the name of the person sitting across from you.
7. On the sixth line, draw three stars using a blue crayon.
8. In the center of the paper, about 5 lines below line seven, draw a box.
9. Write the number of siblings you have to the right of the box.
10. Divide the box into four equal parts with a purple crayon.
11. Color the top right hand section of the box orange.
12. Draw a flower in the bottom left hand corner of the box.
13. Color the center of the flower red.
14. Turn your paper upside down.
15. Write out today’s date using all capital letters.
16. Turn your paper right side up again. 
17. On line three, draw a small picture of your favorite food.
18. Draw a circle around it.
19. Write the name of your first pet on line four.
20. Draw a star in each corner of your paper, using four different colors.
21. Underline two of the stars. 
22. Turn your paper over.
23. Fold it in half lengthwise.
24. Fold it in half the other way.
25. Write your middle name on the outside.
26. Ignore directions one through twenty-five and enjoy watching everyone else do this activity wrong.


  1. I am speechless; did they really give you things like this to occupy your time?

  2. It was a short little exercise to remind us to read things thoroughly and pay attention. I only remember doing it once, grade 5, but made a lasting impression. Apparently several co-workers have the same memory!