Friday, August 1, 2014

July Roundup

So much to share. So long since last I wrote. Where do I begin?

Well, how about with a pic of the newest member of our family. Zachariah was born in early July and we're all quite pleased to make his acquaintance.

"This is not how it was represented in the brochure."

We missed his arrival in person by only a few days. Ah well. We have lots of time to get acquainted!

Upon returning from our jaunt to the north country, The Husband and Neighbour Ken decided to tackle their summer project: Falling the Very Tall Almost Dead Fir Tree.

The poor tree was obviously on it's last hurrah, and there was some danger to our house should a brutal windstorm, such as often frequent our valley, push it our direction.

The Husband appointed himself Faller, and although this wasn't his first tree by any means, I was still a bit apprehensive. The hundreds of trees we bucked up in the bush for firewood on our homestead were all brought down far from houses and such. (I will freely admit that one of the only incidents was a tree that I cut … and dropped on the back of our pick-up truck. But enough about me and my chainsaw faux pas.)

The early morning whine of a saw, followed by a dull *thud* announced the successful fall.

Trimming the branches prior to bucking it up into chunks.

Neighbour Ken found an ingenious way to protect his wife's young raspberry canes.
Notice how The Husband dropped the tree exactly onto them. I love it when a plan comes together.

The fir was over 65 ft tall, but The Husband found the perfect hole to drop it into.

What with a week or so of intense heat, in the 35C to 40C range, and both of us fighting the chest cold virus that has been running rampant this summer, July sort of floated away on us.

We did get some riding in, kept the yard under control and the housework attended to - but mostly just let our days wander along. Sometimes that's a good thing.

AND THEN the mother of all monsoons ripped right through the province, dropping temperatures like a stone in water … crazy winds, and speaking of water, 20mm in 20 minutes onto forest and city alike, leaving mayhem in its wake.

That stirred us out of our lassitude!

The 2nd annual Somethin' Red was scheduled for the last Saturday of July. With a houseful of out-of-province guests expected, we kept a weather eye on the skies, hoping it would blow out before party time.

As promised, the skies did indeed clear and blessed us with a simply wonderful weekend. We were a house party of nine plus additional guests for the evening.

Stringing lights for the evening.

Art hung along the newly-installed fence. Just like we planned (ha).

Kaila (and her partner Jonathan) was our musical performer for the event.
She is definitely coming again next year!

Good food, good wine, good friends and good weather. Can't ask for much more.

The rest of the weekend was given over to enjoyment of the fine things of our region: touring a few wineries, trying out a fabulous restaurant, beach time and motorcycling.

Looking north over Okanagan Lake and Carr's Landing from the Gray Monk vineyard.

Kin Beach in Vernon, north end of the lake, before the beach crowd descended.

A wonderful place to spend a summer day.

I've got a spot saved for you right here!

A perfect summer weekend, to cherish and celebrate. 

The dog days of summer are upon us.

 Hope this is the view for you at least one day in this heat-drenched season:


  1. My first thought about your deluge was 'Mushrooms'. We amateur mushroom hunters become obsessed.

    1. I'm not such an intrepid mushroom hunter - too many dire warnings as a child, I suppose. But you'd love morel season over here.