Saturday, June 7, 2014

First o' June Photos

Finally FINALLY the heat has arrived and things are poppin' in the yard.

I went for a walk around the bottom of the property early Sunday evening, camera in hand.

The baby Japanese maple came through the  harsh winter in good condition.
Mayday trees (back left) finished blooming a week ago.
Trembling aspen (tall, back right) doing very good.
Japanese rose (left) best it's been in 6 years.

The first of the bearded irises. Iris makes me weak in the knees.

Flower therapy helps me deal with the stress and frustration of a day, to celebrate the joy of a happy, productive day, and to celebrate the glory of life, no matter the type of day I've had.

Columbine adding colour. In front of it is rudbeckia;
 to the right is bee balm and behind on the left is Marguerite daisy.

Cranberry cottoneaster. Yes, I need to pull out some grass.

After hours spent in front of a computer creating temporal works, there is deep satisfaction working with my fingers in the dirt and my back bent over the ground, nurturing enduring life.

The annual 'From the Far Corner' photo. The photos help me gauge progress and
 remind myself  how well it's progressed … in spite of the winter casualties.
Early peonies blooming in foreground; the larger plants
behind show promise of a tremendous blossoming.

One of the many lilac varieties in our garden,
all getting towards the end of their flowering season.

This one under the kitchen window is particularly aromatic.
Along with the lily-of-the-valley bloom just below it, the fragrance is intoxicating.

The new deer fence … and it works so far.

Deer fence detail.

The neighbours' new cedar border. Provide privacy for both of us.
The five (count 'em, five) dogs in that household keep the deer away from the 'candy'.

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