Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why I Wish I Could Ski

OK, technically this isn't skiing ...

One of the entries in the Silver Star Mountain Couch Race, last day of the season.

but it's one of the great events that only happen on a ski hill and generally only on a ski hill in the spring when the runs are about to be closed for the season.

I wouldn't have to be a skier to be one of the people on the couch, but brave (or perhaps foolish or alcohol impaired) would be helpful. As in bed racing (please tell me you've been a participant or at least a spectator at a bed race!) there must be one person on the couch (or bed). Style is mandatory, grace is optional.

Perhaps this sums up my mental process most some days:

Every time I see a label that says 'Non-Flammable' the little voice in my head says, "Challenge Accepted."

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  1. The infamous Oxford University's 'Dangerous Sports Club' once went down a ski slope in a London Double-Decker! I think they did something similar with a Grand Piano, but it sounds rather tame in comparison.