Thursday, March 13, 2014

She won!

Friend Donna from Work is now Friend Donna, Formerly from Work.

She won the lottery!!!


One of the lottery opportunities available in Canada is LottoMax, in which the pot, when maxed, is worth $50 million; then additional $1 million prizes become available in addition to the big one. Last Friday, there were 50 of these $1 million prizes up for grabs.

And our Donna was one of the winners.

Donna and Ron on their way to Kamloops to pick up their $1,000,000 cheque!
We are so happy for her and Ron. "Couldn't happen to better people," applies to them.

Ron was diagnosed with lymphoma last year, in a part of his body difficult to treat. Nonetheless, he underwent chemo and all the other horrible stuff required to beat the disease … and won!

So really, they've won a lottery twice.

Donna was our circulation clerk, and that is a thankless job. She's been stressed out for a long time now. Upon winning, she came in on Monday and announced that she quit.

Ron plans to continue his work with the city utilities department for now.

So, so happy for them.

Just so you know, the odds of winning are about 1 in 28 million.


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  1. Knowing someone who's won the lottery, is almost as good as winning yourself. Wonderful.