Saturday, March 15, 2014

Motorcycle Ride Video, or The Roads I Want to Show You

So many times, when The Husband and I are riding our motorcycles along the beautiful roads in our part of the world, I wish you were riding along with us.

I want to point to something and say, "Did you see that?!"

I want you to sit with us at the pub, quaffing a dark ale and commenting on what we saw along the way and how the road felt.

For some of you, it is possible and has been done. Isn't it grand?

In lieu of that, I can offer links to video footage of on-bike rides. Not mine, I hasten to add. I've been trolling youtube for good video that I would recommend, and recently found a few uploaded by a local rider. The link will take you to a list of his uploads.

The videos don't have commentary or music or anything like that. Some of the videos are quite long, but if you're a rider, that's not a bad thing. It looks like the rider is using a helmet cam, and he doesn't look around all that much, but keep watching.

I've talked about my love-hate relationship with Westside Road. This video shows part of that road, travelling north from Kelowna toward Vernon. The bridge shown at the beginning of the ride is the famous floating bridge over Okanagan Lake.

A different rider uploaded footage of a ride along the Salmon River Road. This is a road we travel on all the time, to go to Armstrong, Salmon Arm and points north. This video starts at the Highway 97 intersection and ends at Silver Creek.

Start of the Salmon River Road video

We don't have quads or other offroad vehicles. I'd like, but no. The video shows a ride in the South Shuswap, providing an excellent overview of the terrain in the Notch Hill area and views of Shuswap Lake.
Toward the end of the Notch Hill video, overlooking part of west end Shuswap Lake.

If you're new to the biz, click your mouse on the coloured words ("This video" and "Rider") in the text and they should take you to the videos. Leave me a comment if the links don't work. Thanks!

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