Friday, February 28, 2014

Why We Left the Prairies - A Visual

The Husband and I are both prairie kids - he from southern Manitoba, me from southern Alberta.

We love the prairies … in the spring when the crocuses are in bloom in the native grass; in summer when red-tail hawks circle high, keening in the still, hot air; in the fall when the big orange harvest moon swallows up the eastern horizon.

But .. and this is a BIG but … we do not like prairie winters. And this has been a winter to top them all, or at least the past 40 years.

These are screen shots from today's Weather Network.

Lots of purple. Purple is bad.

This is for Regina SK. This is close to where Brother James lives.
That's where Brother James and Wife Lynda are freezing their tender parts.
It's nowhere close to us.
For a reason. Click on the photo to bring it up on your screen and read
the small print - the temperature with windchill

And this is today's info for Winnipeg MB, where The Husband once lived long, long ago.

Here in the sunny Okanagan, it's currently -1 with a windchill temp of -5.

Nuf said.


  1. It's nearly 6am here, and I've just been outside (in the dark) to allow one dog to pee. It's slightly crunchy under foot. Probably Zero C.

  2. I've always known you were smarter than me. Hate waking up and thinking, "Oh, it's warmed up enough to snow. That's good." This is crazy.