Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Olympic Cure

I hope this isn't an indication of winters to come.

Once again, despite all efforts, I succumbed to the viral soup at work and came down with a bad chest cold. I had great fear of it getting deep into my lungs like happened last year and so was more proactive this time. I stayed home.

I was fortunate to have an extended rest period as my sick time overlapped into a holiday long weekend here in BC. The Husband was sick as well, so it was pretty quiet in the house (between the sneezes and hacking coughs, that is.)

We don't have television in our house, by choice. We do watch DVDs but not regular broadcasts. Most of the time that's OK but we do miss major sporting events.

Thank goodness CBC has come through with excellent webcast coverage of the Olympics.  We kind of blissed out in front of the computer to watch whatever caught our attention. Especially curling.

To say that we are curling fans is a bit of a misnomer. 'Addicts' would probably be a better description.

Jennifer Jones and her ladies have been exceptional this week. It's been a joy to watch them play. Their game today against the Russians was very good.

Unfortunately I'll probably miss live coverage of the men's and women's finals because I'm competing in our annual Tuff Spiel. Thanks again to CBC and the beauty of webcasting, I'll be able to enjoy every shot at my leisure.

And then spring can come on in any time after that, because I am so done with winter.


  1. I don't have TV either (temporarily). Our UK Sky coverage stopped on the day that the Olympics started, so I've missed all the fun. We are to get it back (maybe next week), if 'the man' turns up!