Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brightening the Foggy Winter Days

We have had a wonderful tonic for the chilling damp fog of January - a visit from our Claudia. 

Her delightful husband Chris shoo'd her out the door while he and the boys stayed home in Berlin, so that she and baby-girl-in-the-making could come spend a week with us.

We love him. And her, too.

Claudi and Bryan, on The Rise looking SW over Okanagan Lake.

The weather wasn't great - hey, it's January in Canada, could have been much worse - but when good friends get together, the weather is incidental.

She and Bryan have been gallivanting all over the countryside: Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Armstrong and Enderby. The three of us went up Silver Star Mountain to the resort on Monday and I think know she's scheming contemplating a way to get a vacation home up there. They love to ski.

Claudi worked tirelessly on the puzzle, determined to have it finished before she left.

It's been very nice for Bryan to have her to himself during the day as they go about their touring. We convene at supper when I get home, then he usually retires to the den to read while we two talk the way women do - about family and children and life in general, and about what the future holds, especially the new baby she is expecting in a few months (yes, she's usually a trim and very fit young woman - that roundness is a baby belly, and a very active baby belly at that.).

And she has been instrumental in bringing the Boxing Day Puzzle from Hell to heel.

AND DONE! with photographic proof.
Claudi will soundly assure you that this was a Very Difficult Puzzle.

We're going to Penticton on Saturday afternoon to visit Becca, who hasn't seen her 'big sister' in 17 years. Am sad that Marlon couldn't get in a visit as well, but that's how it goes - Grande Prairie is 900 km away and winter roads are iffy.

We expect Brother Walter to arrive late Sunday from Minnesota for a visit with the BC contingent, so the evening will be lively with our international company!

And all too soon, early Monday morning, I'll be taking Claudi to the airport to fly back to Germany. A week can fly by so fast.

So you see, I haven't been ignoring you, my world-at-large. I've been fully engaged with family and thoroughly enjoying it. I hope you've been equally blessed.

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