Friday, September 13, 2013

Wonderful Weekends

I have had several lovely weekends in a row, as friends from far and near have come to spend a few hours or a few days with me/us.

The site of many a good visit - mornings with coffee, evenings with wine,
mostly with good friends and sometimes a good book.

Cheryl and Brian came out for the Labour Day weekend, and as the weather held glorious it was a nice visit indeed. We visited an architectural tile designer's studio on Westside Road; saw some bighorn ewes on the road near La Casa; stopped by one very favourite vineyard of mine and one of Brian's.

Some of the dear friends who are regular visitors - Cheryl and Brian the Other.
Having a nutritional break at Turtle Bay Pub.

The next day, I directed them to the North Shuswap to visit a vineyard they'd not been to before, and on the way we happened upon a treat: the beginning of the sockeye salmon run.

The salmon run in Scotch Creek on September long weekend.
Delightful surprise as I wasn't expecting any fish until a few weeks later.

If you're in BC anytime after the end of August and you see a collection of vehicles parked alongside the highway close to a bridge or creek, take the time to stop yourself. It most likely will be salmon spawning

Sockeye spawning at Scotch Creek.

Lots of people enjoyed watching the salmon spawning along the length of the creek.
(If you watched people reproducing,
it would be called voyeurism ... what is this called?  Just a thought.)

Brian and Cheryl returned to Alberta. I had a day to get laundry and such dealt with, squeeze in a quick visit with The Daughter in Penticton, and then The Guys arrived a.k.a The Husband and Marc the Frenchman.

Marc arrived first, having been in the Vancouver area visiting one of his sisters and therefore only a 5 hour ride. Bryan came home from Valleyview, which is pretty much a 10 hour trip.

We saved some supper for him. Even some wine. We were considerate.

One of Marc's talents is producing tasty things to eat. We pretty much leave him to it, although the three of us have been known to fight it out elbow to elbow on occasion.

Marc in his proper environment - my kitchen, no matter where that kitchen is.

"Is there such as thing as too much avocado?"
"You're kidding, right?"

Tonight's special: chef's salad with gorgonzola dressing.

The weather was not so nice while he was here, but that never slowed anyone down too much.

I'd hoped to find a salmon run for Marc but no such luck. They weren't at Enderby yet and neither were the kokanee; black clouds to the north indicated rain and such ugliness to the north where I knew there were fish ... ah, well.

All to soon it was time to bit adieu while Marc continued his ride home to Winnipeg.

One of the delights of this area is the resident quail population. We never get tired of watching these beautiful and entertaining little birds. Three pairs with about 12 chicks each come through our yard several times a day.

I have videos of the quail and a tour of the lower part of the yard, but I'm still learning about uploading these things, so perhaps another time.

Or you could come see it for yourself.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And the winner is ...


Jaxon Theo was born on Monday, so I got the date and sex correct, and at 6lb9oz, I was only off the correct weight by 5oz. (I don't know why, after 30+ years of the metric system, we still express babies' weights in pounds and ounces ... must be the grandmothers.)

Won't publish a photo because it isn't my perogative, but let me assure you he is gorgeous and has his lovely mother's eyes. We're all already madly in love.