Saturday, August 31, 2013

Somethin' Red

It was a great time, a wonderful evening. Lots of liquor and laughter. 

And food. 

Oooh, too much food.

Borrowed a table to make enough room for 12.
Moved furniture and set up on Thursday night so that I had Friday night to prep food.
Good thing, because the skies opened up Friday afternoon.

The theme was Italian (or as close to that as someone with a Scottish-German-Russian-English background raised on a cattle ranch on the prairies and who has never been to Italy can come to producing an Italian meal).

Somethin' Red was a nod to the mother event - Splash of Red - and only required that the guests have something red in their attire (and no, marinara sauce splashed on one's bodice doesn't count).

 Friday night: Browning the first batch of veal shanks for osso buco.

I invited 12 people: a small number for an inaugural event so it wouldn't become cumbersome, as many didn't know one another and in case it became an indoor event, which it did.

I've hosted much larger dinner parties but always with people who already mostly knew each other, or were related.

This was different. This was the creation of new friendships and the establishment of a tradition.

Sofa pushed aside, tables set, vessels collected in one spot. Ready to party.

We started with Italian prosecco and Spanish cava (of course) with an array of olives and tapanades, breads, oils and vinegars.

As the last of the guests arrived (yes, you Katherine and coterie) we proceeded to salad made by Adrienne, followed by linguini with marinara sauce (made with tomatoes from Adrienne's garden and oregano/thyme from mine). Made a cranberry-pomegranate sorbet for the palate cleanser, then moved on to the main course: osso buco with risotto and fresh peas & carrots. Deep breath, and tiramisu cake courtesy Katherine.

Understand that we didn't eat this all in a rush. This was a slow meal - both in the delivery and the consumption. Time for visiting and wandering out onto the deck and exploration of the house. Very relaxed. Very 'family.'

Barbara, her daughter Lisa (one of our artists) and Kristin.
Mellow moment before the feast began.
And yes, that is sunshine in the windows ... after a entire afternoon of thundershowers!!!

There was also an art exhibit. Stephanie and Lisa Rae are sisters and artists. I've purchased one of Steph's works and have it proudly displayed in our home. I gave the girls free rein of the house and they had pieces set up everywhere including bedrooms.

The ladies were very appreciative of their talents.

Katherine - our own Force of Nature (I have no idea what she was asking me)
and Elaine, obviously enjoying some comment from a new acquaintance.

There was also entertainment of a sort, in lieu of the singers who entertain guests at Caetani House. We didn't have singers ... let's just say we laughed until we couldn't breathe, and I think next year (yes, there is a next year) we'll try to lure in a singer. And more artists. And more guests. The seed has been planted.

Sisters and artists Stephanie and Lisa during the entertainment portion of the evening.
I promised, cross my heart and hope to die, not to take nor publish any more photos
but these should give you an idea of the evening.
There were several more ladies present not represented in the photos.
Note the girls' red cammies - their touch of red!

Probably could have taken more photos but I was occupied with cooking, drinking and visiting, often all at the same time - no complaints, but when you have a glass of wine in one hand and a wooden spatula in the other, the camera gets ignored - and I also believe one must be completely in the moment, and that often precludes camera operation. I'm just too busy having fun.

Already at work (three of my guests were co-workers) I've heard comments like: "I've found the perfect red necklace to wear next year." and "So instead of you doing all the cooking, next year we're going potluck."

I love these women. Truly.


  1. You have grey walls; I love grey walls. But I do think you should have called the theme 'European'. I have a house-full on Tuesday.

    1. They're actually sage green. And dark green on the kitchen portion.

      "European" - hmm.