Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pics of Days - This 'n' That

The old chestnut a picture says a thousand words will suffice for today.

The roses have been exceptional and the lavender prolific this year.
Can't you just smell these ones?!
I've had bouquets in the house and at the office most days. 

Went for a ride to Sun Peaks Ski Resort north of Kamloops a few weeks ago.
This was one cheeky chipmuck.

Having a beer in the village, watching the mountain bikers fly down one of slopes
(much steeper than appears in this photo, and this is the bunny hill).

One of many lovely meals on the deck.
The wine steward is a crazy ol' bugger.

Hit the library's book sale and scored some great reads.
Summer means nose in book.

Thunderheads building up in the west. Lots of noise and bluster, not much rain (alas)
or fires (thank goodness), but lovely cloud-watching.

Simple ingredients for tonight's supper of roasted fresh vegetables,
 from my garden and the produce market:
potatoes, beefy tomatoes, eggplant, onions, pepper and herbs.
Add some olive oil and salt, then top hot veggies with chunks of feta.
Serve with a glass of wine. Heaven.


  1. Thank you Brenda, you've unwittingly solved my dilemma about what to have for dinner tonight.

  2. You're welcome! What did you make and did you enjoy it? I love roasted eggplant, prefer the little white ones but they're harder to find around here.