Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Highway Opens and We Are SO Happy

There will be jubilation tomorrow when the 9km stretch of Highway 97 between Oyama and Winfield opens tomorrow afternoon. 

The old highway, picturesque as it is, is a scary piece of road when there is heavy traffic (all summer and fall) or icy (much of the winter). It runs right beside the lake in many places without any barriers, and more than a few vehicles have gone into the drink.

Old portion of Highway 97, now called the Pelmewash Parkway, heading towards Kelowna.
Kalamalka Lake to the left foreground, Wood Lake in the distance.

The new road will relieve congestion, especially during the busy tourist season, for those who regularly travel from Vernon to Kelowna.

New Highway 97 looking south from Oyama, travelling towards Vernon.
Kalamalka Lake to the right.

 Pelmewash Parkway will be a 50 kmh stretch, perfect for those who want to enjoy the lake views.

Portions of the old highway in Peachland and Summerland have been transformed this way. They are relaxing oases along the way.

The new portion of road will be left of Hwy 97 as shown on this map,
on bench land above the lakes.
The large body of water on the left is Okanagan Lake.
Now if there was only a way of getting past Kelowna without going straight through the city!

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