Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dog Days of Summer and Schaubel Zup

The summer vacation schedule at work is a finely negotiated thing - I can't overlap or be away immediately before/after two people on one part of my job, three on the other.

What that ultimately means is, I seem to spend a lot of time on this:

while others are playing in the sun and water.

Not strictly true but a girl is entitled to a wee bit of pouting when, after a long day of covering other peoples' work in addition to one's own, she opens her car to return home and sees this:

Just another day in paradise.

And why, you ask, am I not on the motorcycle? Because I had errands to run that required cargo space. Alas and alack.

Today, I spent time here:

as in both the garden in general and the table as a resting place between runs with the wheelbarrow - from the flower beds where I've been deadheading roses, trimming back lavender and generally whipping things into shape to the compost pile in the backyard. The yard will not look like a party-worn floozy when September rolls around this year.

The thunderheads behind Tuktakamin are rumbling. I heartily wish we'd get some rain from them as we've had no precipitation for over 5 weeks and it's frighteningly dry.

Last night when things were cooler, I went out for a walk and a bonus visit with Bunny, my neighbour's 84 year old mother (who spends part of the summer at her grandmother's (yes!!!) small house down by the tracks south of the main street; she lives on Vancouver Island). While I was out, I had the stockpot on the stove simmering all the goodness out of these lovelies, smoked pork hocks:

Put the pot in the basement to cool, then in the fridge. An hour ago I skimmed the fat off the congealed stock, removed the skin and bones, shredded the meat and then added:


summer savoury


washed and diced, and:

sorrel - not usually used but I like it, esp. with potatoes

plus a diced onion, a handful of diced carrots, and a little extra salt, so that this evening and tomorrow I can enjoy this:

Stole the pic from "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" because my soup isn't ready yet and I knew they'd have a picture of Schaubel Zup - green bean summer soup.
Yes, there is cream added - sour cream traditionally, or creme fraiche if you can get it, which I prefer; but tonight it will be a dollop of unflavored balkan-style yogurt.

All very, very worth the trouble of heating up the house for one evening.

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  1. Oh I wish I could buy smokes hocks here!

    FORTY TWO!!! I complain when it reaches THIRTY!