Tuesday, August 27, 2013

... and the race is on

Well, not really but there is money on the table. There's a new baby due to arrive in our At The Office family and being us, we've got a 50-50 pool going. $62.50 to the winner. Bets were placed on date, sex and weight of the baby. The parents already have a daughter who had her second birthday in July, but her arrival was no prognosticator for her sibling's arrival date.

This was from Father-to-be's Friday email, so as of midnight tonight a whole lot more people became Also-rans.


As a note, the quilt for this baby is far behind schedule (as in, I'm still working on the one for a baby who arrived two weeks ago). Blame it on hot weather, cold beer and good books. Or poor attitude. You pick.

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  1. Put me down for Friday 30th, boy, 8.1 (not that I know anything about such things, other than they're usually late).