Saturday, July 20, 2013

Road Trip Rogue's Gallery

Road Trip. 

What a lovely phrase.

This particular road trip took place the first week of July.

Destination: Peace River, AB 
Distance: 1200 km each way 
Event: wedding
Ancillary action: drinking

It started out great. It didn't finish up quite as we expected, but whenever does Fate take us where we intend?

First evening.  400km. Found the very last available room in Valemount.

Sunday evening. 600km. The Oasis  a.k.a Don and Renee's yard.

Don, Renee and Bryan. Gettin' shiny.
You'll notice a beverage theme in this rogue's gallery.

Favorite son Marlon. Canada Day in Grande Prairie.
37C on the deck. Lovely visit.

Favorite son's favorite lady Krista - Queen of the Bellini.
Miss Abby was featured in a previous post.

Canada Day evening back in Valleyview.  Bev cooling down.

Gerald. Doing likewise.

Randy and Karen. Not my photo but we were so busy
having a lovely visit that the camera never got used.
Stole this pic from Karen's site and it's just perfect.
Maddox and his Grandma Bernie the Gardening Queen.
I have spent many an hour in this garden, both working and relaxing.
Grandpa Gerry was mowing, valiant man that he is.

Many years of love and labour expended here.

Can't forget Maggie the Brussels Griffon.

Obligatory flower photo - Martagon lilies in Bernie's yard, fickle beauties.
I want.

Back in Valleyview and a barbeque at Mike and Gail's.
Denise and Gail listen to the tall tales and edit when required.

Dale and Mike, storytellers extraordinaire ... and it's all true ... mostly.
Mike and I have a book project pending, don't we?!

I'm going to insert a break in the photos, here, because this is where the story deviates from the itinerary.

We arrived in Peace River Friday afternoon, checked into our motel room and gave our bones a rest.

Saturday morning was wet and windy so we didn't venture out. Friend Vince stopped by for a visit, and then it was time to go to the wedding. When we went outside to ride to the church, this is what we discovered:

If you know anything about motorcycles, you will know that this is a busted-off brake lever.

Someone vandalized both our motorcycles. Both the brake and clutch lever were broken off Bryan's bike.

It's a sick feeling, being the victim of vandalism. Sort of wrecked the mood for us, which was the joyous celebration of a dear friend's marriage, and additional opportunity to reunite with long-time friends.

We attended the wedding mass. It was beautiful. The wedded couple's decision to have the receiving line at the church directly after the mass was fortuitous because it provided time for us to briefly visit with our many friends there.

However, Bryan was so upset by the vandalism that the idea of attending the reception was not feasible. He called the motor association to come load our bikes and take them to Mike's place at Valleyview.

Bikes loaded and almost strapped down.
Interesting exercise getting bikes without hand brakes onto a tilt-deck.

Sunday morning, Mike very generously lent us his white get-around pick-up truck. The guys loaded my bike and we headed back home.

A trip down Highway 5 isn't complete without a stop at the Log Inn Pub in Avola,
for beer and one of their World Famous burgers.

Sign says it all.

A peaceful moment along the North Thompson River, south of Avola.

By the time we finished supper at Avola, we were both much more relaxed and resigned to the outcome of the trip. It could have been much worse in so many way. In truth, this was more of a serious inconvenience. And although we didn't need it, it was also a reminder of how blessed we are by the many kind and generous friends we are privileged to call our own.

So many people didn't make this edition of the Rogue's Gallery, but you know who you are and your day will come!

And we will be back because one year from the date of this latest wedding, we're heading back for another. Congratulations, Don and Renee!


  1. Oh dear, Brenda. What IDIOTS some people are! If that's their only form of excitement, then I pity them. It makes me want to spit, just reading about it.

  2. Thanks for the commiseration! I'm mostly over it now.