Sunday, June 9, 2013

Celebrations and Farewells

As someone with a farmer's soul, I appreciate a good rainfall as much as the next person with dirt under their fingernails. However, two weeks of almost continual drizzle and bad humour is more than enough.

The clouds blew out of the valley and we were blessed with sunshine for almost 48 hours, and some neighbours down the hill from us took the opportunity to celebrate ... what, I'm not sure ... and included the entire neighbourhood in the festivities.

Sometime around 11 pm I stood outside on the front porch in the still-warm night air - a clear, calm starlit night - watching fireworks burst against the black backdrop of Tuktakamin Mountain.

Welcome, summer.

We received very sad news this week. On Thursday afternoon, dear friend and riding buddy John Mac died while riding home to Peace River on his prized Harley. No one could understand it - the accident happened on a straight, level, dry open stretch of highway in the middle of the afternoon, and his bike veered into the path of an oncoming transport semi. We subsequently learned that he'd suffered a blood clot in the brain and was probably dead before the truck hit him - the only physical injury sustained was a broken leg. He was only 56 years old.

Still doesn't make the loss any easier to bear. Our big TALL neurotic engineer with the deep rumbling voice will never roll his outrageous bike into our garage again. Safe travels, our friend. We'll miss you. 

It has been a time of reconnecting in many ways. 

Long-time friend Elaine and her partner Dale were out last weekend, looking for a new place to call home in this area. It was great to have them here for the night and even better to learn they've found a place out here close to Salmon Arm to rent for the interim. So excited! 

Just this morning said goodbye to cousins Francie and Frank, also from Calgary. They've been on a circle trip: out to visit one of her brothers in the Nelson area, then a week at a lakeside place just north of Kelowna, and an afternoon & overnight visit here before traveling back to the east side of the Rockies. Caught up on the family news, gossip and every little thing. Please come back!

Got caught up on yard work this afternoon. Still some trimming and weeding to do but it's never a chore when I'm surrounded by the beauty in yard. Right now the irises and peonies are showing off; the bees and hummingbirds are having a busy time. I find my garden to be such a refuge, especially with the horrendous pace that being set at work these past few weeks. One more marathon ahead of us before things slow down to 'normal' levels. 

Books on the go: a biography of Truman Capote, a PD James detective mystery, something called 'The Exquisiteness of Being Human' that Elaine left with me, and the latest issue of Farm & Ranch magazine.

What are you reading these days?

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  1. It's been 'reading' weather here too for the past few days. Every year I re-read a few old favourites, at the moment it's 'Cold Comfort Farm'.