Saturday, May 11, 2013

To Bee or Not to Bee

The 6th Annual Adult Spelling Bee in support of Literacy Junction took place on May 8 ... starting at 7:30! Who, I ask you, is at the top of their game at that time of day?

Lisa Vander Velde, our news photographer, took a slew of pics which I rifled through for your enlightenment.

Team Captain Katherine Mortimer. Personality extraordinaire.

Our half of the team:
Glenn Mitchell (Managing editor), Lisa Starke (graphic design), me (graphic design)
and Katherine (Lifestyles editor). We also had Graeme Corbett (Business editor),
Roger Knox (editorial and curmudgeon), Jennifer Smith (editorial and sign maker) and
Kristen Froneman (Entertainment editor).

And on a completely unrelated note, I got my hair cut the next day
so no longer looks like that.

Many teams opt for theme costumes. Of course, yellow and black feature ...
"bee" theme people. Come on, keep up.

Everyone in the competition coveted these beanies (overtly or covertly, but all.)

However, best team name ever: "The Vowel Movements."

There's Kristin! between Glenn and Lisa.
Do you note we were put at the back of the room? Again?
Why am I always seated at the noisy table in every gathering.
You know the table - the ones that look (and sound) like they are having a lot of fun ... because they are!

Kristin wrote a great editorial for Friday's paper, and I include it to show some of the challenging words we were given. Yes, challenging. At that time of the morning and under time pressure, you'd be scrambling, too.

Just for the record, I spelled reconnaissance correctly but was over-ruled by O Captain, My Captain.

Just saying.


  1. Sownds wundaful. Eye probly cudnt joyn inn wyth yor phun, az mi speling iz prity orful. Maiby eye shud practis. Cor xx

    1. On the contrary ... I'd love to have seen some faces with your fabulous contributions!

      Our photographer (not a team member but certainly 'helpful') provided geeoteen, so you would have been in good company.