Saturday, May 4, 2013

Short-term Absent, Not Gone, Soon to Return

Mother Nature's been a real cow when it comes to spring this year: gloriously hot Easter weekend, snow a mere 150m above elevation at the house last Monday, and projected 26C this weekend. 

It's enough to make a person turn to drink ... and this is beverage of choice these days.

If I can't get Crannog Ale's Back Hand of God stout (and it's only on tap) then this is an acceptable alternative.

Garden's doing great. Hubby's up north. I'm almost fully (finally) recovered from the bronchitis/lung infection that laid me so very low a few weeks ago. Baby quilt #1 (in a series of four - we have some very fecund co-workers!) is almost done.

Have photos of some of all of the above, to be uploaded when I can get inspired. Love you all and will be more faithful in my writing when I get my mellow back.

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  1. A beer that looks like Guinness, but has a taste of Lager. I'm finding that difficult to imagine. If it's ever exported to France...