Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blossoms, Rodeo and Rain

Spring is blossom time in orchard country. Here at 600m elevation, there are no orchards so the blossoms du jour are lilacs. This little burg is a veritable ocean of lilacs, the heavy scent laying in the valley ... or was until today's deluge which has washed everything from the air. The rain is still pounding down and there are travel warnings for snow at higher elevations.

Down closer to Okanagan Lake, the past few weeks have been a feast for the eye and nose as one variety of fruit flower follows close upon the next. Former college classmates Tamra and Tom Davison have an orchard within Vernon city limits, almost directly above the newspaper office. Tamra took this photo of pear blossoms a few weeks ago. Terrace Mountain is in the far distance, Okanagan Lake barely in view just below it.

In this community, the Victoria Day long weekend is synonymous with the Falkland Stampede. After all, this is the 95th year of the event, so a precedence has been set. I think this year had the largest attendance in some time. All I know for sure is that I snapped a lot of beer for a lot of thirsty spectators.

I worked at the Sunday dance night as well (there are dances Saturday and Sunday night), and that's always an 'interesting' evening. There was an ATM adjacent to the ticket booth, and I saw lewd acts performed upon that poor machine in a misguided attempt to speed up delivery of desired cash that may have permanently scarred my brain. Very funny, actually - such as the slightly-inebriated young woman rubbing her body up and down it, murmuring "Please give me some money ... please don't tell me my account is empty ..."

The weekend also included a 60th birthday party, mowing and gardening. Needed to get the grass cut before the rain arrived and am glad I managed to fit that in between everything else.

I need a holiday to recover from the holiday weekend. And I didn't even have a drink the entire three days!

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  1. I'm a bit like your 'slightly-inebriated young woman'. Please, please, etc. It's always worked so far!