Saturday, March 2, 2013

Medieval Madness Recap

Yes I know the feast was almost a month ago. What can I say - it's been a busy few weeks.

Nonetheless, a promise is a promise.

Bryan and Fay waiting for the feast to begin.
We ladies had a problem with our headgear - reminding us once again
why we need a full costume rehearsal beforehand. Ah, well, now we know.

Fay and table mate to her left.
The dishes on the table were ours to take home after the event.

Of course there were dancers ...

... of both sexes. Don't judge - he's great!

I had costume envy - love this one.
and these guys were too cool for words. Of course, a helmet does interfere
with food and drink consumption. Still, way cool.

Each table has a knight to defend their honour. Our boy is doin' us proud.

Great stuff.

A quiet morning with coffee the next day, Gypsy getting pets from Juliette.

Not my fav photo but I guess it's only fair I appear once in a while.
Hmm, the sewing room needs some walls. Next winter.
And next winter I may be thinner, too. (Hey, I'm already dreaming)

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