Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fare Thee Well, January.

January has bid us a fond farewell.

Thank goodness!

Let's just say it was less than a stellar month this year.

The virus de jour hit my workplace like a biblical plague. We should have stayed home and rested but when five of the eight people in your department are sick at the same time, nothing to do but soldier on or shut down the entire operation.

It snowed. Oh, I know - big surprise in Canada in January.

Doesn't mean it still can't make me cranky. Shovelling out the yard and loooooong driveway became a substitute to going to the gym for my workout.

On the positive side of the ledger, work on the basement progresses with great strides. Bryan has the walls finished with tongue-and-groove cedar and pine, currently installing hemlock baseboards. He's got most of the bathroom prep work done and is now waiting for a handyman from Armstrong to do the plumbing and wiring, and make us a lovely ceramic tile shower. So excited.

The storage room is refitted with additional heavy-duty shelving and is a model of efficient tidiness - shes says with some pride.

The medieval costumes are (mostly) done. Fay and Juliette arrived last night and later today we'll fit their outfits. Then it's off to Medieval Madness II on the final night of Vernon Winter Carnival. So excited! Photos to follow in a day or two ... or whenever I get to it, truth be told.

Went on a weekend to the Lower Mainland to take in the annual Vancouver motorcycle show at Abbotsford.

Saw this lovely piece of sculpture north of Hwy 1 east of Chilliwack (why yes, Barbie and Al, right close to your place!) and pulled in for a closer look. is the place to check out.

Our advertising manager Alan and publisher Ian took part in Dreamlift Day. The video shows Alan (tall man with sparce hair) serving fountain drinks while Ian is in a white shirt and black aprong, grilling burgers. Other staff were also there during the day.
Dreamlift Day in Vernon

And then just when things were going tickety-boo, I dislocated my right knee cap. Popped it back into place immediately that it happened but it's still very painful and debillitating and frustrating. Has put a definite crimp in my curling season. Errg. So long as it's all better in time for gardening and motorcycling season, I'll try to keep a stiff upper lip.

So there. You're caught up.

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