Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let Me Sing You a Song of Apples

When I was a little girl, I wasn't really very fond of apples. There were two varieties available on the prairies - Macs and Red Delicious. The first were only good for a few months in the fall, and then they became pithy and tasteless. The second - well, to call them 'delicious' is a travesty.

Things got a bit more interesting when I first tasted a Granny Smith. Now there's fruit with a bite! Tart, tasty. A walk on the wild side!

Fuji was the first apple that lead me onto the road of a true apple aficionado. Then Braeburn. Then Pink Lady - oh, I still like them.

And then we moved to the Southern Interior, home of BC Tree Fruits and all things apple, and I fell completely and totally in love.

I have three varieties that have dominated my apple indulgence this season.

Aurora Golden Gala

 Aurora is a child of the Okanagan, developed in Summerland as a hybrid between 'Splendour' and Gala. Like so many of these apples, they are only available in the region, although I think they are making their way across the country now. Auroras are crisp and sweet, a great dessert apple.
Royal Gala
 Gala is one of the workhorse apples that can often be found in our house all year 'round.

But this ...... this is the absolute love of my apple life:
Honey Crisp

I will go out of my way for a Honey Crisp apple. They are everything an apple should be - the name says it all. The juice fairly runs down your chin when you bite into one of these.

And it's funny to be thinking about apples because, besides this type:

Good ol' MacIntosh 
the other one that dominates my life is this type:

The Other good ol' Mac

We recently underwent a significant software upgrade at work, from CS3 to CS6. I can hear the inhalation of breath from the techies in the crowd. Yes, a three-generation leap, a quantum leap. 

I explained it to a friend like this:

You are a competent and experienced car driver in North America. One morning you wake up in England (never mind how, it's a parable!) and are expected to drive a car ... in which the driving position and controls are all in strange places, the traffic signs are unfamiliar, the traffic travels in opposite direction to what you know, and oh, by the way, they forgot to give you a map to your destination. But hey, you're a driver, right?

And we are professionals and generally adapt well. The incidence of stress migraines has been on the rise, however.

Glitches inevitably find their way into every crack and crevice. Just the other day, several co-workers discovered that their headaches were due in part to insufficient RAM - working memory. With many machines being upgraded simultaneously in addition to peripheral upgrades to match the new system, things get forgotten.

Happily for us, it's easy to install memory cards in Mac computers.

And then our I.T. guy did something incredibly brave ... or foolish.

He left us with a screwdriver and just enough hardware knowledge to make us dangerous.



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