Thursday, August 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To Lately

Photographic proof that we're alive and well and having a pretty nice summer.

Lytton on a hot July day. Circuit trip via Merritt to Lillooet, then Cache Creek and home.
Or at least that was the plan.

Fraser River (muddy, on left) and Thompson River (clean, on right) meet at Lytton.
The bridge is the highway north to Lillooet

The circa-1968 style 'rainsuit' still looking good after the 330 km return trip from Lillooet via Merritt. Change of route and modified riding gear was due to torrential rain and other untoward incidents. 

Looks just as good from the back. I leave it to you to imagine the looks on diners' faces in the
sandwich shop where we stopped for lunch on the way home.

Look at that grin - he was having way too much fun.

Resident rose killers at 5:30 am one day, pointedly ignoring my "Hey you!" comments.

Karen and Randy were out in late July and we took in this season's show at Caravan Farm Theatre:
'The Notorious Right Robert and his Robber Bride.'

Caravan Farm Theatre is an outdoor venue and a not-to-be-missed summer event.

Look at this! How can that not be fun?! 
Marc made his annual summer trip out, and the three of us rode down Westside Road to
West Kelowna on the first Sunday in August. We parted company at Summerland - me to return home
and they to continue on into the States for some canyon riding in Oregon.

The north end of Okanagan Lake, looking west EAST! ... across the lake .... to Lake Country.
Gray Monk and Ex Nihilo wineries are just to the right  of this photo.

See the new handle bar mirrors on my bike? I had handle bar mirrors before but an incident
involving wet pavement in a sloped parking lot lead to slight bike damage, some rider damage
but mostly bruised dignity. At least I have nice new mirrors now.

The incredibly hot weather the past few weeks has made for extreme fire hazard.
A grass fire on The Rise (within Vernon city limits) travelled fast with fickle winds to fan it.
Came very close to homes but no lives or property lost.

You'll note there are no garden photos this time. There are projects underway but it's too hot to make much progress. Ever so much nicer to sit back on the veranda with a tall cool beverage of one's choice.

Come let me pour you a glass!

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